How to Grow Your Business in 10 Proven Steps from Vision to Success

6 Step Business Strategy Online Course

Ever wondered how to grow a successful business? Here at KUB Academy, we have 10 proven steps to help you take your marketing into the power of your hands. In the course, you will learn the 10 facets of what it takes to be a successful business owner. Let’s turn theory into practice!

How to Grow Your Business in 10 Proven Steps from Vision to Success

Over the years, there has been a lot of research into what it takes to grow a successful business. Peter Dickinson has worked with 500 businesses over the last 20 years and has helped those businesses implement proven approaches. The application of these approaches has been documented in easy-to-access books and Peter has captured these in the eBook, “How to Grow Your Business in 10 Proven Steps”.

In this 6 week course (2hrs every week), you can expect to go through the following subjects:

Having access to the learning material is only half the battle, the challenge then is how you can turn the theory into practice. Using online learning in peer-group learning interspersed with presentations on the theory has proven to be an effective way for you to come away with actions that you can take away and implement immediately in your business.

This 6-week programme is designed to fit around a busy working schedule. The online workshop & peer group is designed for Business Owners and Managing Directors to develop a plan for all areas of the business so that when implemented will result in sustainable growth for the business for years to come.

About Your Workshop Leader

KUB was founded by Peter Dickinson in 2001 as a business coaching consultancy. The company has the very same mission today as it did back then: to help SME businesses grow and thrive through knowledge combined with a proven process.

Peter Dickinson started out his early career as a civil engineer before making the leap into computer programming. This was in the ’80s, a time when graphs were still created using punch cards. Over the years, Peter has gone on to successfully run a multi-million-pound waste management business, along with a variety of other projects, leading him to complete his MBA in the early 00s. During this time, Peter discovered his passion lay in helping businesses to grow as a business coach and marketing specialist. Strong in his belief that growing a business isn’t based solely on hard work and the right luck, anyone can grow a business as long as they are passionate and follow a proven structured approach; Peter launched KUB.

Over the past 20 years of running KUB, Peter has helped close to 500 businesses to overcome their challenges.


Are the workshops online?

Yes, all the drop in marketing workshops are online which you can access once you’ve booked on through Tixoom via the Zoom link.

Can I pay for the workshops in bulk?

Yes, please contact us if you would like to book onto a certain number of workshops. Please be aware, that if you miss the workshop, we’ll be unable to refund you.

Do I have to attend every workshop?

Ideally, yes. The course is intensive and very different in each session. However, we understand that life does get in the way sometimes, and you can attend another session with the next cohort.

Will the workshop be recorded?

No, part of the workshop is about interacting and discussing marketing challenges you’re currently facing, therefore, we would like to keep the attendees’ information confidential.

What if I can't find the course I'm looking for?

Please contact us as we have a wide range of training options that would be suitable for you.

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