There are a few lucky people who just know what it takes to launch and successfully grow a business. They seem to instinctively know what they have to do and are happy to learn from their mistakes even to the point of nearly losing everything. They are the relative few.

For the most part, owners of most businesses are ordinary folk just doing a job that they love.

So how do you grow a business in a systematic way?

The idea behind Vision2Success is that by following a process using proven tools developed by expert consultants you can be successful. These experts are well-respected and published authors. Names like Simon Sinek, Jim Collins, Daniel Pink, Stephen Covey, Gino Wickman. Their work is well researched, documented and used by many.

However, they are all parts to a bigger puzzle.

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“Having worked with over 500 businesses over the last 20 years I have used many of these tools to create an overall process that anyone can use to grow their business that will be more sustainable and less stressful.
Now of course I could simply give you the list of books to read, you could read them and then try to implement what you have learnt. What I have found in practice is that busy owners and management teams do not have the time and prefer a guide to help them focus on what is important.”

Fortnightly Friday Morning Interactive Workshops

With that mind in end we have created a fortnightly series of drop-in online workshops starting on June 18th at 9:30am for one hour. That’s enough time to taken in key information and because the sessions are interactive we agree what actions you are going to take away and work on.
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