Digital marketing continues to evolve quickly and post pandemic there is a lot more “noise” from your competitors that you need to cut through in order to be successful and grow your business. 

Keeping on top of the changes that Google, LinkedIn & Facebook (who also control Instagram and WhatsApp) is a continual battle to ensure what you do continues to work.

The leading competitors in your market are already ahead of you. They have invested time, money and energy in how to exploit digital marketing to get ahead during the pandemic.

What can you do to catch up? 

So the challenge is how to stand out above the noise and implement a sustainable marketing strategy that you can make part of your business, which can be adapted as the big players like Google and Facebook continually change the playing field. 

Would Like to Take Back Control of Your Marketing?

We have developed a 90 day intensive programme for business owners to help you take back control and get a better understanding of how digital marketing can help you grow your business in a sustainable way.

The programme includes a range of free and paid for resources to help you develop your knowledge of how to manage your digital marketing, increase your digital marketing skills and with your desire to grow help you embed new sustainable marketing habits in your company whether you do it yourself or employ an agency or external consultants.

Next Step - Free Weekly Workshops

The first step before making any commitment is to attend our free workshops on Wednesday mornings. We will be covering elements of the online courses and so each week the subject will be a different aspect of managing your digital marketing to grow your sales. There will then be an opportunity to ask specific questions relating to your own digital marketing. The questions don’t need to be related to the topic discussed and so this is your opportunity to find out how to improve the marketing in your own business. 

The workshops are open to business owners and there is no limit to how many you attend. The content will cover 12 subjects (i.e. a 90 day period) but you can join, leave & come back as your diary suits.  There is no commitment other than to bring your burning questions to the forum for you to start to get answers you need in order to make progress and grow your business.

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Launching Vision2Success

We are launching the programme to help you grow your sales through digital marketing during October 2021.

The free 1 hour workshops on, How to Grow Your Sales Through Digital Marketing will be every Wednesday at 11:00.

The first workshop will be on Wednesday 20th October at 11:00.

“Since the 1st lockdown there has been no option but to use digital marketing to reach existing and new customers. There has been a big increase in marketing noise that you need to cut through to get heard. So, what does it take to make digital marketing work for you and help you grow your sales and your business?”